Giving shape to lightness

The packaging: The centerpiece of any
logistical process

Basically, we design our packages in such a way that on the one hand, the usable volume is optimally exploited, and on the other hand, that as many packaging units as possible fit in a transportation medium, such as a truck.

But a package has to do even more: Protecting components that are very sensitive is at the forefront of the packaging design. We significantly ensure the delivery quality by using customized packaging and precision-fit inserts.

Another point: the economic benefit of packages which results from the optimization of processes. This includes, among others, the more efficient work due to the reduction in loading and removal times.

Another argument that speaks for our special solutions is the integration of the packaging into the in-house materials handling technology. In addition, the use of reusable packaging contributes to a positive ecological balance.

Last but not least: ergonomics. In all our solutions we take into account the specifications to avoid additional physical stress for the operator of the respective container.