• Block or compound foam
  • Various densities
  • Low tare weight
  • No tooling costs except for the molded foam
  • Cut to size or cut to shape
  • Composite material AUR
  • Resistant to commercial acids and alkaline solutions
  • High UV-resistance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable
  • Different colors
  • ESD version

The all-rounder foam:
Extremely versatile

We supply foam material in various densities. One can, in this respect, use a simple formula: High density = heavier, stiffer, harder Low density = lighter in weight, more flexible, softer

With the help of knives or water jets, we produce complex supported geometries on five-axis machines using CAD systems. Additionally, we can saw, mill, bond and weld foam materials.

By appropriately linking elements from various geometries or different foams we obtain complex composites and desired effects for cushioning, stiffness and partial flexibility.