• Nonwoven/fiber fabric: Provides protection for components with very sensitive surfaces
  • Anti-skid mat: Increases friction and provides good cushioning effect
  • Teflon: Minimizes friction
  • Carpet: Dust absorbing, very good cushioning effect, slip resistant
  • Artificial leather: Cushioning and washable lamination
  • Foam

Well protected:
From A for anti-skid mat to N for nonwoven

The surface of twin-wall sheets or housings for parts are coated with suitable materials, if needed, such as e.g. nonwoven, felt, anti-skid mats, Teflon, leather, carpet or foam, to protect sensitive component surfaces. Lamination may also be necessary for cushioning purposes or to achieve greater or less friction.

We cut the laminates to any size or shape. Some laminates are set up to be self-adhesive. In other cases, we realize the connection with hot melted adhesives.