• Sturdy transport packaging
  • Saving as much weight as possible
  • Patented thermoformed process
  • Flexible combination of materials
  • Single source provider
  • Competent and reliable

Our Passion:
Giving shape to lightness

When we founded our company in 1995, we were motivated by one central idea that we have lived by on a daily basis and continue to develop in innovative ways. High-quality products need high-quality and sturdy transport packaging while saving as much weight as possible.

We develop and produce special containers mainly on the basis of very light-weight trilaminate sheets made of plastic. A patented thermoformed process we developed ourselves revealed unimaginable possibilities. In this respect, your requirements are the basis for our special and individual solutions. We combine our trilaminate with other materials, such as foam and metals, depending on the application and tasks involved – and we do this as a single source provider.

I believe that is our main asset for you as customer. Optimal results can be achieved with the realization of your individual needs. Place your trust in the competence and reliability of Lindörfer + Steiner – I look forward to your inquiry.

Sincerely yours,
Peter Steiner